Blue Ridge Junior Golf Tour, Inc.

"Building Character and Sportsmanship through Golf!"

Tour News & Notes

Special Note: “McClanahan’s 2!”  Roger McClanahan of Mavisdale, VA recorded the shot of the tournament when he made a double eagle 2 on the par 5, 4th hole.  He was 239 yards from the hole and hit a hybrid club onto the green and into the hole.  Witnessing the spectacular play was Michael Growe, Jr. and Adam Anker. 

Please note the tournament teeing grounds for each age group at the Pete Dye River Course of Virginia Tech:


             Ages 16-18      White Tees                           

Ages 14-15      Orange Tees                                 

              Ages 12-13      Orange Tees

Ages 10-12      Red Tees, 9 Holes Developmental      

9 & under        Silver Tees, 9 Holes Developmental  



Ages 10-18      Red Tees

9 & under        Silver Tees

The Blue Ridge Junior Golf Tour expresses condolences to the family of Dr. David Kovach.  Dr. Kovack loved the game of golf and the lessons it can teach.  He was very supportive of the BRJGT and contributed in many ways that often went unnoticed.  We deeply appreciate all that he did for us.

Congratulations to Jack Davis and Grant McCall for receiving Sportsmanship Awards at Fountain Springs.  Jack was mentioned for being helpful throughout the round on Tuesday as he encouraged his fellow competitors, aided in the pace of play and generously searched for difficult to find golf balls.  Grant received the award for assessing himself a one shot penalty when he accidentally moved his ball with his putter while on the green.  He signed the scorecard with penalty but then was allowed to remove the penalty due to the new local rule suggested by the USGA and accepted by the BRJGT.  Jack and Grant both have performed acts of sportsmanship beyond what is normally observed and greatly deserve the honor.  The BRJGT is very proud of them.  Congratulations Jack and Grant!

Those participating in the "Golf by the Rules" clinic on Sunday, June 4 at Wytheville Golf Club are strongly encouraged to bring their USGA Rules of Golf book.  Test points may be awarded for having the book with you.

Participants who are 12 have the option of playing in the 10-12 Age Group or the 12-13 Age Group.  In the 10-12 Age Group they play 9 holes and can have a caddie.  In the 12-13 Age Group they play 18 holes without a caddie.  Please call the BRJGT cell phone (276) 345-8786 and inform us of your desire.

Point Values for the 2017 Season

The Blue Ridge Junior Golf Tour adopted a major change in policy for the 2013 season in that, on a trial basis, allows a parent to serve as a caddy for the developmental 9-hole age groups ONLY. It is our hope that this change will accomplish two very important goals: 1) encourage greater participation among the younger age groups as we know that if your youngster tries golf, likes it, and has a good time, he will become a lifelong golfer, and 2) to encourage bonding between youngster and parent or grandparent thru golf.  This change is totally optional for the junior golfer and applies only to the 9-hole groups. The following rules will apply for players with caddies:

  • Caddy must walk with the player and carry or pull a handcart with his/her golf bag offering advice, encouragement, assistance with the rules, protection from the elements as provided by the rules of golf and any other form of assistance that a player / caddy relationship might provide.
  • Caddy for 1 player only.
  • Caddy must adhere to the same rules and regulations as the player.


Reminder .... contacting the Executive Director, Dewayne Belcher at 276-326-2089 (Home); 276-345-8786 (Cell) or at at least 48 hours prior to the tournament is the ONLY way to properly withdraw from an event.


Attention Participants & Parents


Please do not send them to the host club or give them to the BRJGT official in hopes that they will turn it in for you... YOU WILL NOT GET INTO THE EVENT OR TOURNAMENT BY DOING THIS!!

All tournament entry deadlines are one week prior the tournament. If we do not have your entry by the deadline date, you may not get in the tournament.

Tee times for each tournament have to be created and posted on the website and sent to the host clubs five days prior to the tournament.

If we receive your entry after the deadline and the age group is full, you will be placed on a waiting list, once again "first-come, first-serve," and you may only get in the tournament if there are withdrawals in that age group.


Attention BRJGT Players, Parents and Spectators

Parents and spectators need to be aware that getting too close to the player during competition puts the player at risk of receiving a two-stroke penalty and/or possible disqualification.

It is important to maintain a fair, competitive environment. Therefore, we ask that you keep the recommended distance of 50 feet away from the players.