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“Ready Golf”


“Ready Golf” is now part of the new 2019 USGA Rules of Golf. 

Golf is a game of constant adjustments.  “Ready Golf” is an on-course adjustment to your normal procedure for determining the order of play when attempting to maintain or regain your position on the golf course.  “Ready Golf” allows players in stroke play events to play out of turn as long as it is safe to play the shot and it does not interfere with another player.  You do not have to wait for an official to issue a warning to your group before playing “Ready Golf.”  Your group may decide on your own that it would be a good step in promoting a faster pace of play and allow you a better chance to keep up with the group in front of you without having to feel rushed or pushed to keep up.

When you are unable to maintain your position on the course and you are taking more than 15 minutes per hole, you are out of position and will be warned by an official.  At this time you must play “Ready Golf” in order to regain proper position.  While you are under this warning the following conditions apply to each member of the group:

* Walk faster between shots and from the green to the next teeing ground

* Prepare in advance for the shot you are about to play

* Scorekeeping completed on the next tee after you have hit your tee shot

* Limit the number of practice swings to no more than one per shot

* The 45 second time limit to prepare for and make your shot is reduced to 30 seconds.  More than 30 seconds results in a bad time.  Two bad times equals a 2 stroke penalty.  Three bad times will result in disqualification.

* The first player to hole out goes directly to the next tee and hits his/her tee shot.  The second player to hole out gets the pin and prepares to replace it in the hole as soon as the third player holes out.

* Only one provisional ball may be hit per hole.  If your original ball and provisional ball are lost or out of bounds, you must stop your play and take double par for that hole.

* Helping each other during this process is necessary and strongly encouraged. 

With these requirements, you should be able to regain your position and get back on time in the space of 2 holes or less.  In rare cases where you are unable to regain your position, your entire group may be asked to skip an entire hole in order to get back in line.