Blue Ridge Junior Golf Tour, Inc.

"Building Character and Sportsmanship through Golf!"


The Blue Ridge Junior Golf Tour adopted a major change in policy for the 2013 season in that, on a trial basis, allows a parent to serve as a caddy for the developmental 9-hole age groups ONLY. It is our hope that this change will accomplish two very important goals: 1) encourage greater participation among the younger age groups as we know that if your youngster tries golf, likes it, and has a good time, he will become a lifelong golfer, and 2) to encourage bonding between youngster and parent or grandparent thru golf.  This change is totally optional for the junior golfer and applies only to the 9-hole groups. The following rules will apply for players with caddies:

  • Caddy must walk with the player and carry or pull a handcart with his/her golf bag offering advice, encouragement, assistance with the rules, protection from the elements as provided by the rules of golf and any other form of assistance that a player / caddy relationship might provide.
  • Caddy for 1 player only.
  • Caddy must adhere to the same rules and regulations as the player.